Affordable Dental Implants

What Are affordable dental implants?

There has been a lot of talk lately about affordable dental implants, but people are generally wondering, but many don’t actually understand what a dental implant is really all about. First of all, it would help to know that dental implants are replacements for teeth, their main part being the artificial root. They are excellent options for people who have lost one or more teeth as a result of injuries, periodontal disease or any other cause.

While bridges and dentures were normally used to replace missing teeth, with implants, a serious progress was made. Despite the fact that dental implants use a metal root and they seem more high-tech than the ordinary bridgework, they are actually more appropriate and save teeth better, because the new artificial tooth does not rely on nearby teeth for support.

What are affordable dental implants and How Do They Look Like?

A dental implant is a savvy replacement for a missing tooth, which acts like the root of a natural tooth. The implant is small and sturdy and replicates the appearance of the natural tooth. However, while the natural tooth has 2 parts, the implant has one extra part. In a natural tooth, the visible portion, which is protected by enamel, is called the crown, and the section anchored into the jawbone and supporting the crown is called the root. The root is basically the part of the tooth whose functions must be replaced by the implant.

The dental implant features a crown usually made out of titanium, which is a powerful metal that is known to present compatibility with the human organism. The periodontist places this titanium root into the upper or lower jawbone. Apart from its bio-compatibility, titanium also has the amazing property of fusing directly to the bone. This is called osseointegration and allows the implant to hold the crown exactly like the natural root would hold the natural teeth in its appropriate position.

But are affordable dental implants just a titanium root? Well, apart from the titanium device that is inserted into the bone, the overall implant also features an abutment – connecting the root with the crown or denture.

What is Osseointegration all about?

As mentioned, osseointegration is the process through which the titanium root fuses to the bone, and takes place when the cells from the jawbone attach themselves to the surface of the artificial root. They adhere to the titanium surface and lock the implant into the jawbone.

Osseointegration was discovered in the 1960’s, when a Swedish researcher observed that affordable dental implants positioned into the jawbones through smooth surgical procedures allowed the bone cells to adhere to the surface of the implant, and so the implants would “osseointegrate”.

The possibilities are endless, since the osseointegrated implants can support anything – all types of prosthetic tooth replacements, with different functionalities, can be used as a viable replacement for either one tooth or the full arch (i.e. all teeth that compound the jaw – either upper or lower). The visible part, which is exposed on the outside, will have a natural enamel color, so that, if only one tooth is replaced, there will be no visible difference between it and the others. Even when the whole arch is replaced, the teeth will have a natural appearance.

What Are affordable dental implants Good For?

If you are missing a tooth and this keeps you from smiling, and prevents you from chewing the food properly, you need a dental implant. As you know, Implants are the most modern solution for cases like this, when one misses a tooth, or needs a complete arch replacement. They are the most adequate solution because only they allow the artificial root to osseointegrate, and the titanium used for manufacturing them ensures increase strength and durability; such implants will even last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

The most significant attribute of a dental implant is that it looks and feels exactly like a natural tooth, so your appearance will be flawless. affordable dental implants are comfortable to wear and provide easy eating. They also allow you to speak and laugh without fearing the teeth will slip, which gives you back your smile and your self esteem. So make an appointment for such a procedure and regain your smile!

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